About us

Who we are

We are a bunch of geeks, who like to go out, but unfortunately never have enough money to fully enjoy themselves. That is how we came up with idea of opening a website entirely dedicated to free events and activities in London.

Why we are different

Someone can argue by saying that there are plenty of websites offering guides to free things to do in London, yet it is not entirely true. Most of these websites are highly focused on monetising their projects. Therefore, they are not highly interested to offer many free events as they are not receiving any commission out of ticket sales. However, even when they offer free events it is major or mainstream things. This way there is a whole world of free gigs, parties, exhibitions, comedy shows and sport events left outside of these guides.

Our mission

We are working real hard to bring you a comprehensive guide to what is on in London for free. Our automatic and semi-automatic systems in collaboration with human content managers trying to find and organise these events and activities all over London and present them in a nice and user friendly way. Therefore, if you know any good venue with event page, please suggest it to us.